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Recording and Download

Product #01:

Fundamentals & Updates of Companies Act 2016

Fundamentals & Updates of CA2016

Product #02:

Mastering Constitution of Companies

Constitution of Companies

Product #03:

Mastering Solvency Test

Mastering Solvency Test

Product #04:
CA2016 Specially for
Accountants & Auditors

CA2016 for Accountants & Auditors

Product #05:

CA2016 & Its Implications for Directors

CA2016 & Its Implications for Directors

Product #06:

Mastering Share Capital under CA2016

Mastering Share Capital under CA2016

Product #07:
Mastering s223 & s228: Substantial & Related Party Transactions under CA2016

Substantial & Related Party Transactions

Product #08a:

Mastering Key Amendments of Listing Requirements of Your Public Listed Company Under CA2016

Key Amendments of LR of PLC Under CA2016

Product #08b:

Online Workshop -
Mastery Drafting Constitutions of PLCs for CA2016 & Bursa Requirements

Constitution for PLC

Product #09:

Mastering the Intricacies of Conducting Meeting of Members & Passing of Members' Written Resolutions Under CA2016

Meetings and MWR

Product #10:

Company Secretaries & Best Secretarial Practice Under CA2016

Company Secretaries

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