(Part 1) Mastering s223 & s228: Substantial & Related Party Transactions under CA2016

We completed Part 1 and Part 2 of Mastering S223 & S228: Substantial & Related Party Transactions under CA2016 with MAICSA Chartered Secretary Ms Mah Li Chen.

From 10:15am until 2:30pm, Li Chen shared with our live audience. Part 1 is Free & Open to Public while Part 2 is Exclusively for our paid participants

At first, we face technical issue. Heart attack for a while ...

But luckily, everything went smoothly after that.

We break for lunch - Avocado Buddha Bowl with Quinoa and Minced Beef Rice ...

Our webinar on this topic is not complete yet ...

Part 3 webinar plus Q&A Session is set on 26 Sept 10 am - 12 pm ... Part 3 is exclusively for our paid participants

I rush die rush life (赶死赶命) to upload all the video training and presentation slides to you before I go to sleep :p

Below is Part 1 Training video ...

Training Duration : 40 mins

Happy Learning S223 & S228 !



If you are our paid participants, you can proceed to view Part 2 and Register for Part 3 Webinar plus download presentation slides and webinar handout.

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Part 1 is FREE and Open to Public.

Part 2 and 3 is closed to paid participants only.

We have full recording & download of video training, presentation slides if you sign up

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